Security Transport

“Although West-African economies are flourishing, criminal activities are still very high. Travelling certain areas requires thorough preparations.”

“A matter of when and where”

Many parts of West Africa are considered generally safe. Others should only be travelled under certain safety precautions. Especially for foreigners travelling to certain parts of Nigeria, Mali or Cameroon, for example, poses a high security risk. When, how and at what times it is safe to travel needs to evaluated accordingly.

Following groups are especially endangered:

  • politicians
  • press & international aid
  • known personalities
  • lawyers, judges & other juridical personalities
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“Arrive where you have to go safely.”

If you belong to one of the mentioned groups, or require safe transportation for other reasons, you don’t want to put your life at risk when having to travel outside of safe areas. You should only travel under special security measures in order not to be helplessly exposed to possible attacks or hijacking attempts. The reasons for becoming a target for kidnappers can be numerous. However, it often happens that criminals choose their victims arbitrarily.

Repco Interstate Logistics S.A. makes sure that you reach your destination safely and unharmed. Our expertise enables you to reach your destination without concerns.

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